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Why do you Need a

Personal Health Coach

We always think  “ I don’t need help to change my nutritional habits or to loose weight or  improve my health and life style!! I can do it by myself ”. I  thought the same till I woke up and noticed that I was running in circles. My own new diets just made me mad, frustrated and I didn’t go any were till  a Personal Health Coach starts to guide me.

We can help you to get the right way to change your food habits and finally improving your life style,  your weight, mood, energy, wellbeing and happiness ! In all of our Programs we are committed to support  you on your life style changes. We have a meeting every 2 weeks to catch up and to put you on track with new recipes, new informations about Nutrition, Wellbeing and more!


Cristina Brennan

Personal Health Coach



My name is Cristiana Anjo and the “Angel” on the picture is my Lil Victoria Anjo. She was diagnosed Celiac when she was 12 months. My Husbund and I were totally devastated… My friend introduced Cristina Brennan to help us with our new journey. After 6 months Reframe Yourself Program for Celiac and Immune System Condition, Victoria is another Girls!!!! She is a happy Girl, gained weight and can go to all kids party because in the Program Cristina taught me to cook delicious Gluten-Free meals.

We totally recommend Cristina Brennan as Personal Health Coach!!!

Cristiana Anjo