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My name is Cristina Brennan, I am from Brazil and have been living in Boston MA 13 years. I am daughter of a father from Portugal and  mother from Spain, good mix ! I am a Luck Girl my Friends!!  As a good European Family, the most part of the day we expend in the kitchen, starting with a nice breakfast, before school nice meal, afternoon a health snacks and dinner was full of salads, soups, meat, fruits etc etc . The big kitchen at my house was like a restaurant kitchen with nuts, fruits, spices, herbs, pickles on the counters and  a nice Provolone cheese ,Prosciutto and chorizo hanged on the kitchen windows. I grew eating a health Mediterranean food mix with the flavor’s of Brazilian  food. 

On weekends at my parents house, we enjoy delicious food, fruits, nuts, deserts, wines, coffee and cake in afternoon. Till today our favorite family hobby is to cook and to eat seated on a big table with our family and friends. My background with food and health make me think that we can have nice food habits  just cooking and eating  whole foods and leaving the junk food on the past. The passion to cook and to eat health food have being in our family for decades and it made me to start to learn more about Nutrition.

Beside my passion to cook  eight years ago I got really sick and the doctors couldn’t figure out what was happening with me. Finally a Holistic Doctor ask for  a Food Allergy and Celiac tests. The test showed I have many food allergies and Celiac.

After the tests results I started a new journey in my life making some food habits and life style adjustments and to learn more how to take care of my condition I decided to enjoy the Institute of Integrative Nutrition a great Health Coach School in Manhattan, New York. Durant school I started to help some of my friends, that referred  me to their friends and, now i am helping hundreds of people.

My mission  Now as a  Personal Nutritional Coach is to guide you for a new journey to a Health and Happy Life!! Are you read??


Cristina Brennan